Sean Leon - 'Sean Leon (The Death Of)'

In commemoration of his own IXXI Initiative, Sean Leon returns today with his latest offering intriguingly entitled Sean Leon (The Death Of). It is 32 minutes of continuous music displaying new vocal and production experimentations throughout the runtime; possibly acting as a precursor and introduction showing listeners what to expect from his forthcoming album, King & Sufferin. The Death Of finds Leon singing on more of an equal footing as his rapping. The overall feel of this project is warmer — thanks to the electronic and dance elements — than his previous releases, and it’s easy to tell Leon is trying something new to great effect.

Louis Val - "Sade"

Properly entitled, "Sade," Louis Val just put this out on Bevstmode a few moments ago. You might recognize the instrumental from the namesake's "Jezebel" record, or maybe you're like me, and SAFE's "Feel" came to mind first. Either way, Val does a fantastic job with the emotions in his voice and channeling his inner Sade. He moves gingerly—at a lover's pace—throughout the 5-minute runtime leaving the listener wanting more, as is his method operandi.

River Tiber - "West" ft. Daniel Caesar

River Tiber, or Tommy Paxton-Beesley, is a Toronto musician you've unwittingly heard of before and has been making music for quite sometime. To date, he's released two EPs entitled, The Stars Fall (2014), When The Time Is Right (2015), and more recently was featured on Jazz Cartier's "Tell Me." This, however, is one of his own songs entitled, "West," featuring fellow Torontonian, Daniel Caesar, and by the quality of the song (and his buzz in general), it might indicate a new EP or album on the horizon. 

bsdjzs - "100 Waters" + "One More"

The pseudonym messiah, bsdjzs/xxx clvr, returns with another spaced out and drearily contemplative tune revolving around going too hard; ultimately, resulting in the need of more water(s). Perfect for how everyone is going to feel tonight and definitely tomorrow.

Stay up. Stay hydrated. Happy New Year.    

Oh, and here's "One More:"

I'll be boycotting puns in 2016...