Phenomenons, musings, and musical recommendations from the North-North kingdom; that up top land where we say "sorry" when we walk in your way — to say it simple: we're nice with it and trying to put you on.

Based in Canada and attempting to show you what's good. We're going to try ever so valiantly to keep it local on a national scale, but you know what? We love the rest of the world too, so other things are bound to pop up. That statement is a bit of a contradiction though. What we mean is that you'll find interesting music, articles, editorials, reviews, and other informative postings that originate from within Canada and outside of it. We hope to set a priority towards Canadian-created works but we'll just have to see whether or not a precedent is set — you be the judge. Our focus is about digitally curating good things for the sake of anyone who may come across it. FTNWL isn’t about the instantaneous posting of whatever is available, but rather, the thoughtful, purposeful, sharing of content worth viewing.